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Happy List: #55

Hello, again!

This week I shared our day in Luxembourg over the holidays. There was snow, beanbag chairs and Mexican food. Totally not what I expected from Luxembourg and it was fun to be surprised.

I also wrote about the denim pennants I made for a gift topper. Honest to goodness, it took less time to make the pennants than it will to actually get the pennants and the gifts in the mail to their recipients. Why is that? Two words. Post. Office.

Here’s what’s on this week’s Happy List!


The U.K. website Humphrey and Grace is full of beautiful photography and inspiration. Or check out their Instagram feed for pretty things like this…


I thought this idea to make a seat out of a game board was neat.

I wish I had a better view of this one.

image: Brian Woodcock for Country Living

I was so focused on the stool it took me awhile to realize I was looking at a desk made out of ladders!


This is me…

And this is me, which my kids cannot appreciate yet.

And this is definitely how I perceive myself.

But no one buy me any of these mugs because I already have too many dishes.


I’m not sure I could pull it off, but I like this dresser makeover by Grillo Designs.

They have a great tutorial on how to do it yourself. The transformation from the before picture is pretty amazing. Don’t overlook those ugly thrift store dressers!

image: Grillo Designs


I must be on a mid-century kick this week. Or perhaps a two-toned dresser kick.

The base of this dresser by Green Spruce Designs is really, really gorgeous.


I have the free DuoLingo app on my phone to help me learn Spanish and my kids learn French. It’s fantastic! Their website offers the same thing, I believe.

The problem I have with the app is that I need more immersion in the language as it is naturally spoken to help train my ear (and brain!) to understand the accent, the vocabulary, etc.

Then the DuoLingo folks did the smartest thing! They made a podcast of interesting real-life stories in Spanish with a little bit of English injected here and there by the narrator for when in case you get lost.

I’ve really enjoyed the stories, so far! If you like podcasts and want to learn Spanish, you’ll enjoy this one.


This home has the most charming exterior.

And yes, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time imagining myself living there. It was worth every minute.


I doubt our iPhone settings are truly “hidden,” it’s just that most of us don’t know as much about our phone’s capabilities as we should.

Popular Science describes 24 “hidden” iPhone settings in this article.

(image: Pexels)

I learned how to set a timer for my phone to stop playing music so that I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to stop the playlist.

And in case you are one of my parents – no, one of the hidden settings is not “just ask your kids.” Hahahahahahahaha!


I haven’t made or eaten a soft pretzel in AGES. Ages, people. And you all know I’m not opposed to carbs.

The rosemary in this recipe by Two Peas and Their Pod makes it sound fancy and delicious!

(image: Two Peas and Their Pod)

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the weekend.


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