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Happy List: #154

Here we are at another Friday. Feels good, doesn’t it?

This week I shared finished pictures of our kitchen’s mini makeover. Thank you for your feedback on that space! This week I saved some behind-the-scenes of the makeover to my Instagram highlights. The phrase “don’t do what I do” was probably uttered more than once in those videos.

I also shared a quick DIY – a wood planter with leather handles. Note to self: go water the plant in that planter!

In other news, I ordered the fan for our music room. Hope I like it! I might end up ordering more than one fan from that list because we have two bedrooms that are sporting ceiling fans from the 1980s.

Here’s the Happy List.


As a relatively tall person (5’9″), the idea of a party where everyone is the same height is intriguing to me.

This is actually an old photo by Hans Hemmert from 1997. He created shoe extenders that made everyone 2 meters tall.

I also feel nervous for the lady in the center of this photo.

hans hemmert same height party 1997 on the happy list

(image: Hans Hemmert)


I made Half Baked Harvest’s 30 Minute Vietnamese Beef and Crispy Rice Bowl last week for dinner and my kids both said it tasted like real restaurant food.

That’s the pinnacle of praise from my kids.

30 minute vietnamese beef and crispy rice bowl via half baked harvest on the happy list

(image:  Half Baked Harvest)


If this doesn’t warm your heart…


I’m very into found art lately. It’s fascinating to me the amount of time that artists put into this and how they see beauty in everyday objects.

Land Artist Jon Foreman uses rocks he finds on U.K. beaches to create land art. You have to go look at all the pictures here…it’s amazing. Yes, the art washes away each day, but he says that makes it all the more special.

jon foreman stone art via my modern met on the happy list

(image: Sculpt the World Jon Foreman via My Modern Met)


It’s probably a good thing that airbags aren’t actually macarons.


This might seem boring, but I saved SO MUCH MONEY on printer ink this week. On the list of things that annoy me, the cost of printer ink is in the top 10. Why is it so expensive?

On the Staples website right now it would cost me $72.39 to buy new ink for my inkjet printer (Canon Pixma MX922).

I just bought 4 packs of replacement ink for $19.75. That’s FIVE DOLLARS for all new inkjet cartridges compared to $72.39.

They are not the brand name…I have a Canon printer, but the reviews for the Arthur Imaging ink were excellent, so I risked it. I did freak out at first because the printer didn’t recognize the ink, but then I pushed the cartridge in again and it seemed to recognize it and we’ve been printing ever since. PHEW!

So if you have an inkjet printer, it might be worth seeing if there are Arthur Imaging cartridgesthat will work in your printer. I got mine on Amazon.

Then we can all do our happy to save money dance!


I can’t quite figure out how this map wall was done, but it sure is impactful!

More inspiring pictures can be found in Tyler Karu’s interior design portfolio.

map wall tyler karu interior design on the happy list

(image: Tyler Karu)


“Everything carries me to you.
As if everything that exists;
aromas, lights, metals,
were little boats
that sail
toward those isles of yours that wait for me.” – Pablo Neruda

Thanks for being here today! It made my day and I hope it brightened yours.

Happy Friday!


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