Out Exploring This Week

This week I will be out and about exploring.

Handy Husband is taking some time off work, so I am too!

I’m not sure what we are going to do yet.

I’m currently baking bread and listening to a thunderstorm, but if the weather cooperates I might do more of this…

Or maybe we’ll hit up a museum or a hiking trail.

I’ve got a big playground, figuratively-speaking, to explore!

On a housekeeping note, did you know I have a shop page where I keep a round-up of favorite items I’ve either mentioned on the blog, am currently loving/using, and/or will be mentioning on the blog.

These shop pages are one way bloggers make a few pennies. If you click on one of the links and then end up buying something from that site, then the blogger gets a small percentage of that purchase.

Now, if you’re missing me this week, here are a few things to keep you busy:

I’m still using this organization trick for hairbands. Seriously!
I’m still freezing fruit this way.
I’m still using this DIY table for legos.
I’m still singing the praises of this hidden storage. Yes, you can get a shorter version.
I’m still making this bread. I eat it everyday with this jam.
I’m still laughing over this. And this. And this.

Also, I hang out on Facebook¬†sometimes and I post on¬†Instagram almost daily. I’ve been thinking I could use the help of a teenager to up my social media game because honestly, I can’t be bothered. Do you think I could pay them in cookies?

I’ll be back next week! Hope you are out and about exploring too!

Happy Monday!


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