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Christmas 2020

We are down to the last few days before Christmas 2020.

How are you feeling about Christmas during a pandemic?

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Less stress?

More stress?






Do you feel the magic of the season this year?

The hope for the future?

Are you making new traditions with your loved ones?

Are you keeping old traditions alive?

Do the answers to these questions change by the hour?

I’d be surprised if they didn’t!  

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One thing is for certain.

Christmas 2020 is one we won’t soon forget.

It boggles my mind how blissfully unaware we were this time last year of all the ways our lives would change in 2020. That ignorance sure was bliss, wasn’t it?

It makes me wonder how our lives will forever be changed by the 2020 pandemic?

Will anthropologists write books one hundred years from now that say people who lived through the Covid-19 pandemic developed an irrational propensity to horde toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and canned beans?

After all, folks who lived through The Great Depression developed certain idiosyncrasies like being hesitant to throw away anything because it might prove to be useful later.

They weren’t completely wrong about that…

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I generally approach hard or challenging times with an “it could be worse” attitude. Keeping things in perspective is the healthiest way I can navigate those periods. A little humor helps too. 

I half jokingly texted a friend the other day and said, “The pandemic might not break me, but if I find another booger on the wall all bets are off.” 


I hate to ruin the illusion of my glamorous life. 


copper christmas tree from a safety cone

In all seriousness, I’d say I am feeling a bit weary as we approach Christmas 2020.

Thankful, but weary. 

It feels as if I’ve been on a plane that’s been circling the airport for the past nine months just waiting for clearance to land. I desperately want off this plane, especially when we hit turbulence, but it’s also become my safe haven.

Sure, the plane is old and a bit worn due to its age, but it’s sturdy. Plus, we’ve had plenty of time on this flight to give it some DIY love. The saving grace of this never-ending flight is the inflight wifi that has kept me connected to the world outside this steel tube in the sky. As it turns out, people like to read about plane improvement and I have a lot to write on the subject. 

Despite NOT enjoying having zero control over when the pilot can land this plane, I am grateful this plane was fully stocked with toilet paper and airplane food before we boarded. While we did eat through all those little packages that contain exactly seven and a half teeny tiny pretzels early on, we haven’t been in real danger of running out of food and other necessary items. There was even extra bleach and soap in a supply closet. You know how many germs are circulating on airplanes!

But, boy, what I wouldn’t give to eat something other than airplane food that I had to cook myself. This flight needs to hurry up and end so I can enjoy a leisurely meal in a restaurant with friends. I’m sure they are just as anxious as we are for this flight to land. 

My fellow passengers have been pretty great and understanding about how unbearably long and drawn-out this flight has become. Although, one of them has started kicking the back of my seat out of boredom. If only we had friends on this flight to play with!

The pilot has assured us that air traffic control says we are now in line to land. There are other planes ahead of us, of course, like those carrying the elderly, hospital staff, etc., but that only seems fair. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we are going to do when we reach our destination, besides take our seatbelts off before the plane has come to a full and complete stop and the pilot has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign. I’m assuming everything will be close to how I remember it, but places and people do change over time and during difficult situations, so I hope it is just as grand as I remember and that the people I love are still there. 

Now, I want to make sure I have all of my belongings before we deplane. I’d hate to leave something behind, except for maybe my face mask and the extra vigilance I’ve been carrying around. I wouldn’t mind doing without those for a little while. 

However, if I forget them on the plane and still need them, it’s not a big deal. I’m sure they sell over-priced versions of those in the airport gift shop! Do you think they sell social skills too? Mine have definitely become rusty while on this flight from hell.

I can tell we are starting our descent now. We’ve made it through the cloud layer and I can see glimpses of civilization out my plane window. Seeing this makes me wonder what I’ve been missing out on and now I’m really antsy to get off this plane. However, I know I’ve endured this never-ending flight so far, so I can hold on a little longer.

Now that the conclusion of this flight feels within my grasp, I’m allowing my heart to fill with hope – just a little bit – for the future and that feels like a wonderful Christmas gift.

But I really, really, REALLY do not want to be on another flight like this one ever, ever again. 

gold and copper christmas tree

That was a long way of saying I feel weary, hopeful, and happy Christmas 2020 is almost here.

I’ve built a lot of extra character this year, so watch out 2021! 

Does anyone else relate to my feelings about Christmas 2020? 

Wishing you and yours all the best this holiday season. If I could, I’d give you a hug and my thanks for reading this blog, but instead, I’ll just offer you my thanks and another post to read!

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