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New Bedroom Rug

My Christmas present was a new bedroom rug and I am OBSESSED.

Obsessed might be an over-dramatization of my feelings. 

My new bedroom rug does make me smile every time I walk in our bedroom though. I think my heart sighs contentedly too, but I’m not sure if that’s a real thing or just what I imagine my heart doing in there besides, you know, keeping me alive. 

The biggest surprise to me (Yes, I can still surprise myself.) is that I chose a rug with some dusty reds in it. I am old enough to have lived through the early 2000s when everyone was painting an accent wall in their home red.

I did it too. Then I moved before I had to paint over that beast. 

While the walls in our bedroom will be staying white for now, I am drawing color inspiration for our bedroom’s design from the James Peter Cost print hanging over the bedroom fireplace. 

I love the painting’s muted blues, moody grays, spring-like greens, and even the red in the frame. 

nuloom new bedroom rug

The NuLoom rug I chose does not have any green in it because I could not find a rug I loved that combined greens and blues. But that’s okay because if I really want to pull green into the design of our bedroom I can do that through plants or textiles. 

The rug I took out of our room was a wool rug. I know wool rugs are supposed to be the greatest, but I found this one harder to care for since it was so large and a lighter color.

It also freaks me out a little when I hear people say wool has natural pockets to hide dirt. I’m just not comfortable with dirt hiding. No hiding in my house! I have a hard enough time obliterating the dirt that is in plain sight. 

At this point in my life, I wanted something pretty that I can easily take care of and can pass on to someone else when I’m ready for a change, so that’s why I opted for a synthetic rug. 

I reserve the right to change my mind if I find one of those deliciously worn vintage rugs though!

nuloom new bedroom rug

We installed this rug in our room on Christmas day. My plan was to lift up the end of the bed, yank the old rug out from under the bed, and shimmy the new one back under the bed. Easy peasy.

Handy Husband thought that we should dismantle the entire bed to make the process less frustrating.

Seems like more work to me, but I like spending time doing projects with Handy Husband.

That quickly escalated into us dismantling our headboard too and figuring out a way to attach it to the wall and not just to the bed frame. Two new support posts, one hidden wall brace, and a solid six hours later we had our new bedroom rug installed.


For the record, I would like it to be known that I do not go out of my way to make more work for Handy Husband. Sometimes he just walks his way right into these situations all of his own accord.

nuloom new bedroom rug

Now that we have a new bedroom rug I just need to focus on deciding on window treatments and finding art for the blanks walls in our bedroom.

At some point I’d like to switch out our nightstands for ones that are larger too, now that we have the space.

Rooms evolve slowly around here, but I’m happy with how this one is shaping up!

P.S. If you find a rug you like online, I recommend doing a regular Google search and a Google image search on that rug. Many brands sell their rugs in multiple places. Some retailers also change the name of the rug so that you think it is exclusive to them. Hence, the image search. By doing a quick search, you’ll know if you are getting the best price. 

Room Sources:

NuLoom Rug: 8×10 Ethel/Ehtel Medallion Fringe in Blue. Mine is sold out, but here’s a link to the rug in another color.

Tufted Blue Headboard: Modway

18-inch Bed Frame (no box spring needed): Zinus – We have this frame for all of our beds and it is amazing!

Striped Duvet: Grey and White Striped by Wake in Cloud

Flannel Sheets: Threshold by Target

Wall Color: Behr Arcade White

Trim Color: Behr Bit of Sugar

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