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5 Easy Leather Decorating and Craft Ideas

I dug deep into my brain to round up some of my favorite, easy leather decorating and craft ideas for you today. I’ve been blogging for so long that I sometimes forget all the cool stuff I’ve made over the years. 

Yes, I am totally biased by what I make. I either love the thing with every fiber of my being or it is dead to me and never sees the light of day. Well, that’s not true. Sometimes I write a “what not to do” blog post so you can learn from my mistakes. There have been so many mistakes over the years it is a miracle I ever finish anything!

I’m a big fan of using real or faux leather for decorating and crafts because it is so versatile and can be incorporated into almost any style. 

I have purchased leather at the craft store for some of these projects, but I’ve also cut up an old pair of leather boots and repurposed them for other projects on this list. I’ve even seen people deconstruct a leather couch and reuse the leather to make something cool. Let nothing go to waste, folks! 

Here are five easy leather decorating and craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing! 

Easy Leather Decorating and Craft Ideas #1: Wrap A Basket Handle 

Give a basic basket a fast, easy upgrade with leather cording. Simply wrap it around the basket handle and secure with glue. 

Click here for tutorial.

easy leather decorating and craft ideas leather wrapped basket handle

Easy Leather Decorating and Craft Ideas #2: Make a Map (or Any Other Shape!)

I cut out a map of Ireland with a piece of leather, but the ideas are limitless!

You could create a map, an initial, a silhouette, an iconic building, etc. 

Use a strong glue to adhere the leather map to your choice of backing. I used a piece of wood. Alternatively, you could frame your creation. 

Click here for the tutorial.

Easy Leather Decorating and Craft Ideas #3: Leather Wrapped Rock Paperweight

Create a leather wrapped rock paperweight. It’s easier than it looks. No fancy weaving is needed. Just a bunch of leather strips cut from a larger piece of leather, glue, and a rock. 

How fancy does that rock look now? 

Click here for the tutorial.

Easy Leather Decorating and Craft Ideas #4: DIY Leather Pulls

Leather drawer pulls can be so expensive to purchase online, but you can make them for a fraction of the cost. 

All you need is leather and some hardware from the home improvement store. This is one case where you probably need to use real leather that won’t easily tear with repeated use. 

Click here for the tutorial.

Easy Leather Decorating and Craft Ideas #5: Frame It

Use a piece of leather as a canvas to showcase other art. In this case, vintage keys.

These were the keys to our back door in our home in Ireland. I used a scrap of leather from a pair of old boots as the backdrop or canvas for those keys. 

I got a lot of mileage out of that old pair of leather boots. No pun intended. 

Tutorial can be found here.

I have more easy leather craft and decorating projects on the blog, but many of them are holiday-related and it is too early in the year to be thinking about pumpkins and Christmas trees! Or is it? 

I’ve been mulling over my next leather project and I think I’ve finally come up with an idea that will be cool. Creativity is not a constant stream for me. It ebbs and flows, so when it is flowing I have to seize the moment! 

Have you ever made a leather craft or DIY? How did it go? 

Happy leather crafting, everyone! 

Thank you for being here today! I hope you gleaned an idea or two from today’s post. Here are some other posts you might enjoy. 

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