wedding anniversary card tradition

Wedding Anniversary Card Tradition

My husband and I have started a new wedding anniversary card tradition.

Instead of buying new cards for each other every anniversary, we are reusing the same card year after year. Every year we will take the time to write a note to each other in the card, making sure to date each note so we don’t have to look back and guess which year it was written.

I suppose you could implement this wedding anniversary card tradition with two cards or share the same card. Either way, the point is to keep an ever-growing collection of anniversary notes all in one place.  

I’m fully expecting that after decades of doing this, we will have added multiple pages to this card. It will be an anniversary book! 

This is not my idea, by the way, but I can’t remember where I read about it. I do wish this wedding anniversary card tradition is something we would have started on our first wedding anniversary in 2000, but better late than never!

wedding anniversary card tradition

Handy Husband doesn’t actually know about this new wedding anniversary card tradition yet. Haha!

Our anniversary is on Saturday. He’ll be relieved on Friday night after he panics and remembers our anniversary is the next day to discover that I’ve got him covered! It’s what a loving, understanding spouse does, right?

Actually, a loving, understanding spouse would probably tell him before he panics, so that’s what I’ll do. 

I’m also the frugal one in this relationship and think greeting cards are a huge waste of money, especially if you only sign your name inside. I would rather you write me a heartfelt note on the back of a gas station receipt than to just sign your name inside a $5 greeting card. 

I’m also sentimental. An anniversary card that is like an unfinished story where each year a new chapter is added acknowledging our love and commitment to one another is something I will cherish. I’ve saved all of Handy Husband’s love notes to me over the years and I like the idea of having one spot that chronicles our thoughts and feelings every year on our wedding anniversary. 

I am so happy to be celebrating another year with Handy Husband. We’ve invested a lot of time this year in prioritizing our relationship, being intentional with our acts of love, and careful with our words and tone and it has definitely been the best year to date. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Do you have any wedding anniversary traditions? It’s not too late to start if you don’t! This will be our 22nd anniversary!

P.S. The card featured in this post is the card Handy Husband panic bought for me last year for our anniversary. I have saved it in my nightstand for an entire year so that I would remember to start this tradition.

The super funny thing is that Handy Husband NEVER signed last year’s anniversary card. For some odd reason, he gave it to the kids to sign first. My daughter signed it and then proceeded to seal it. When Handy Husband realized she had sealed it, he panicked again. He didn’t know what to do! So instead of carefully opening up the envelope and signing the card he just gave me an anniversary card that wasn’t signed by him at all. It still makes me laugh that out of all the choices that was the one he went with.

P.P.S. You can also buy a customized Wedding Anniversary Journal on Etsy. The ones I’ve seen are more about logging the memory of each anniversary, but it would make a thoughtful wedding gift for a couple!

Thank you for spending part of your day with me. I love that you are here. If you’d like another post to read, I can hook you up!

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