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    Happy Birthday, Handy Husband

    My favorite human, Handy Husband, is having a birthday this week. I think most of us hope we get better with age, but Handy Husband truly has. He never stops learning. He’s endlessly curious and hardworking. He is more open-minded and giving. He works hard to bring all of my ideas to life and those ideas have not become less complicated over time. Quite the opposite. He’s always up for the challenge though. One specific thing I appreciate about Handy Husband is that he has become a better listener over the years. He has learned I don’t necessarily want him to always default to problem-solving mode when I tell him about…

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    25 Years

    We are celebrating 25 years of marriage this week! I’m not surprised we’ve reached this milestone, but I am surprised it happened so fast. Didn’t we just get married yesterday? Where did those grey hairs come from? Time flies when you’re pretending it doesn’t. I remember right before my dad walked me down the aisle he asked me if I was sure I wanted to get married. I do mean RIGHT before. The organ was playing. The guests were seated. The pastor and my soon-to-be husband were standing on the stage. The implication was that my dad would get me out of there if I asked him to do so…

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    From The Archive: Halcyon

    The word halcyon has been on my mind again, probably because it is summer and summer feels less frenetic than the rest of the year. I’m not sure why this is but it probably has to do with the fact that we take more vacation time, we sit out on the deck longer at night doing nothing in particular, and we don’t have school obligations to contend with. Since I’m easing back into regular life after some vacation time with family, I thought it was a good time to reshare this blog post from the archives. I hope you enjoy it.  Halcyon, when used as an adjective, denotes a period…

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    From the Archive: Motherhood Without A Mother

    Mother’s Day is coming up. It isn’t my favorite holiday. Many people, for a variety of reasons, have complicated feelings about Mother’s Day. Mine stems mainly from the unfortunate fact that my mom died before I became a mom. Navigating motherhood without her, especially at first, was rough. I first wrote about my experience of mothering without a mother in 2015. As I reread this post recently, I thought it would be a good time to share it again in the hopes that it might help someone else feel less alone if they share a similar experience. Here it is… When I was pregnant with my first child, I sat…

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    The Sweetest Thing He Did For Me Recently

    Do you ever look at your spouse or partner and think about how lucky you are? Especially now that I’m older and wiser, I know how young and dumb we were when we got married and how easily things could have turned out differently. I was recently reminded, again, how lucky and grateful I am to be sharing this one beautiful life I have with Handy Husband. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, we are at the age where routine colonoscopies are a thing now. Yay? Yay. I had my first one last week. After living with me for almost 25 years, Handy Husband knows all…

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    24 Years Of Choosing To Do Life Together

    Handy Husband and I celebrate 24 years of marriage this week. 24! Time flies when you wake up every day and choose to do life together. That’s what we’ve done. Made that choice every day. Even when it was hard. Especially when it was hard. And I hope there remain many decades for us to choose to do life together. I ran across the most beautiful poem about love recently called Mouthful of Forevers. The first part of the poem doesn’t exactly apply to our love story, as we got married so darn young, but the rest of it tore through my heart in the best way with its poignancy. I’m…

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    The Greatest Privilege

    Every school day morning I go outside to wait with each of my kids for their respective school buses to pick them up. They don’t NEED me to wait with them. They are quite old enough to wait outside on their own, but they seem to WANT me to wait with them. So I do. Even when it is below freezing outside. Or raining. Or I’m still in my pajamas. One kid barely talks at all while we wait for the bus. The other kid wants to discuss all the things. Both kids leave for school each morning hearing that they are loved and I’m rooting for them. One of…

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    Happy Birthday to Handy Husband

    Please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Handy Husband. Today is not his actual birthday, but April is his birth month. What a great month to be born in with all the promise spring holds. I thought it would be easy to write a quick little birthday tribute, but when I sat down to type I didn’t know what to say. The feelings were just too big. Finally, I decided I’d share a story that encapsulates how grateful I am to have the absolute privilege of growing older with him. Recently, on a random Tuesday, Handy Husband woke up, went downstairs, made coffee, and then brought me…

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    5 Things I’m Enjoying Now

    Every once in a while I have something I’d love to share with you, but it doesn’t warrant a full blog post or even fit in with my usual blog post topics. So, I’m rounding them up today and sharing 5 Things I’m Enjoying Now! Let’s do this! Things I’m Enjoying Now: Second Chances at Childhood Rituals Tip of the hat to Harry Potter! Thanks to those books, I’ve been given a second chance at reading to one of my kids at night. My kids both grew out of bedtime stories when they reached middle school age. It’s natural and to be expected, but it still made me a little…

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    The Silly Thing We Do That I Love So Much

    On this Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share the silly thing Handy Husband and I do that I love so much. Often, Handy Husband and I will both exercise during the lunch hour, but not together. He runs. I walk. We run/walk the same loop on our country road but in opposite directions. We usually pass each other in roughly the same spot. When I see him coming toward me, I automatically get this huge grin on my face. I can’t help it. I’m just excited about what comes next. As soon as he’s approximately 20 or 30-feet away from me, I fling out my arms wide and begin one…