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Air is the 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Theme. What?!?

According to my research of several popular wedding sites, air is the 23rd wedding anniversary gift theme.


Yes, air.

You know where my mind went, right?

If you do, then you know I’ve been receiving that “gift” every day for more than two decades. That’s more than enough!

I might be married for almost 23 years, but sometimes I have the sense of humor of a 10-year-old boy. So does Handy Husband. That might be why we are a good match.

wedding picture from 1999

It took a while, but after I was done laughing to myself about this gift theme I moved on to the phase of wondering why?

Why did the powers-that-be decide that the twenty-third year of marriage was a good year to give air? Are they comedians? Did they run out of precious metals?

After I worked my way through the righteous indignation phase of this journey, I started to think of gifts that could fit this air theme.

Airplane tickets. Okay, I take back my jokes. This theme has promise.

Hot air balloon ride. It has potential if you aren’t worried about your own mortality.

Blow dryer. Oh, wait. That’s a terrible idea.

Air fryer. Also, a terrible idea unless your spouse really likes cooking, and even then, still no.

Air conditioning. Not very romantic, but giving yourselves a home improvement gift is the very definition of adulting. Bonus – might be expensive enough to also count as birthday and Christmas gifts.

23rd wedding anniversary

This has been a long way of telling you that Handy Husband and I will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary later this month. 23!

Not once in all of those years have we given each other gifts that related to a wedding anniversary theme. If I had looked up the list before now, I would have known to be on the lookout for year 23’s theme!

However, we do usually celebrate in some way, shape, or form. Before we had kids, we used to go on trips to celebrate our wedding anniversary. These days, it’s more of a “Hey, do you want to get takeout from Chipotle?” kind of celebration.

And do you know what? I wouldn’t change it.

We’ve been through enough highs and lows for me to recognize that this life we’ve carefully and thoughtfully and occasionally with wild abandon built together is better than it has ever been. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to be saying that!

Ben Rector’s song, Living My Best Life, sums it up for me with some very relatable lyrics.

“I’m living my best life
I wake up with the sunrise
It does not look a thing like I thought that it would
But I’ve been getting my steps in
And I sleep with my best friend
It’s the best that it has been in a long time
I’m living my best life”

23rd wedding anniversary

Life feels very precious to me right now.

I hope it always feels that way because it means that I’m happy for mundane dates to the hardware store. It means I appreciate that a pot of coffee is always waiting for me in the morning.

It means I take every opportunity to squeeze in one more hug or kiss. It means I’m quicker to forgive and slower to get upset. It means dreaming about the future with my favorite person while doing nothing in particular.

Basically, I’m so darn happy for every single day that I get to do life with Handy Husband.

P.S. Last year we started a new wedding anniversary tradition. We got one card and we will reuse it year after year, jotting a new note to each other in it every anniversary. We may have to add a few pages to the card, but in another 23 years, we could have a little book of sorts documenting our love story. Sweet, right?

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