snowflake themed christmas tree

Snowflake-Themed Christmas Tree

I’m thrilled you are here today to check out my snowflake-themed Christmas tree.

How did a snowflake-themed Christmas tree come about?

Well, it went a little something like this:

No one:

Absolutely No One:

Me: I have six tiny doilies that could look like snowflakes if I squint. Do you know what that means? Time for a snowstorm to hit this Christmas tree!

And that’s how my brain works.

snowflake-themed Christmas tree

I’m not a minimalist, but the majority of the time I skew more minimalist than maximalist in my decorating style.

However, you can toss that rule out the window and stomp on it a few times when it comes to me and a Christmas tree decorating theme. That’s how I ended up making a small mountain of paper snowflakes for my snowflake-themed Christmas tree.

If I’m going to have a personality quirk, at least this one results in a pretty Christmas tree!

snowflake-themed Christmas tree

But why paper snowflakes when this entire snowflake-themed Christmas tree started with tiny crocheted doilies?

I’m so glad you asked. You are really paying attention to this story. I like that about you.

Six tiny crocheted doilies do not a snowstorm make.

If I wanted a figurative snowstorm to hit my artificial Christmas tree after I popped it out of the box that meant I was going to have to learn how to crochet.

*whomp, whomp*

snowflake-themed Christmas tree

I had this snowflake-themed Christmas tree idea in September. I had plenty of time to learn how to crochet.


In truth, I did have plenty of time to learn. In actuality, I lacked motivation.

There. I said it.

Although, I did briefly think about being motivated enough to learn. I even watched some YouTube videos on how to crochet snowflakes.

I could definitely do it.

However, if past behavior is indicative of future behavior then that scarf I’ve been trying to finish knitting for the last five years is a good indication that I was probably not going to master crocheting in three months.

That’s why I pivoted to paper snowflakes.

snowflake-themed Christmas tree

And pivot hard I did.

I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials and just like that I was a woman on a snowflake crafting mission.

I made snowflakes out of computer paper, brown kraft paper, and even paper bags. If you left a piece of scrap paper lying around long enough I probably would have turned it into a snowflake. No paper was safe once I got started.

We do a lot of hard home renovation projects around here, so I think I was craving something mindless to create with my hands when I had downtime at night.

Or I lost my marbles.

Either way, I think it worked out.

snowflake-themed Christmas tree

I did not entirely give up on the crochet snowflake doily idea though. I just cheated a little and bought any small doilies (snowflake or otherwise) that I saw at the thrift store. I starched the doilies and hung them on the tree as ornaments.

Someone spent time crocheting those doilies and I’m happy I could put them to use when no one else wanted them. Call it my good deed for the day.

I had fun with this snowflake-themed Christmas tree. It’s amazing what you can create with a glue gun and paper you have lying around the house.

Happy Christmas!

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