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Happy List: #335

Hello, Hello! Happy first day of March! January felt like it lasted forever but February flew by.

This week on the blog I shared the origin story of why we are currently doing work on our basement. We keep telling ourselves it will be worth it when we are done.

I also shared the LED rechargeable lamp that has brought me so much joy at dinner time.

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Enjoy this week’s Happy List!


This is the happiest eating nook, don’t you think?

If you love color and pattern in a home, you’ll find inspiration galore in this home featured over at Desire To Inspire. You’ll also be shocked to learn it is a new build in Michigan!

colorful eating nook with purple cushions Design: Cameron Ruppert; Photos: Stacy Zarin Goldberg; Styling: Kristi Hunter via desire to inspire on the happy list

(image: Design: Cameron Ruppert; Photos: Stacy Zarin Goldberg; Styling: Kristi Huntervia Desire To Inspire)


My jaw dropped when I realized that Sadie Seasongoods made these wood pendants from the handles of vintage tennis rackets. Tennis rackets!

Who knew that the wood inside of those racket handles had such neat layers? If I ever cut a vintage tennis racket handle up, I’d probably use it to make keychains or a zipper pull for a gym bag.

These would be neat gifts to make for a tennis team.

Get all the details and see what she did with the racket head here.

wooden pendant necklace from old tennis racket handles from sadie seasongoods on the happy list

(image: Sadie Seasongoods)


I got new pajamas and have worn them almost every night for the past 10 days! They are super soft, high-waisted, and you can’t tell from the pictures but the capri pants have a little slit on the sides, which is a fun detail. They are lightweight enough that I think I’ll be able to wear them in the summer when it is one billion degrees outside.

gys bamboo pajamas capris from amazon on the happy list

(image: Amazon)


If you work with kids, here’s the cutest idea from Beth at Creatively Beth – a Leprechaun Selfie Wreath. ┬áThis would also be fun to hang on your front door or use as decor for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Check out the tutorial, including a very detailed materials list, here.

leprechaun selfie wreath from creatively beth

(image: Creatively Beth)


You can make a medieval grommet out of rope? Sign me up! I’d like to try this.

If the video doesn’t load, watch it directly here on YouTube.

P.S. I found this video on a site called The Kids Should See This. It curates YouTube videos that are interesting for all and also safe for kids to watch. Give those folks a gold medal!


According to The Guardian, the 100-year-old vaccine for tuberculosis has shown promise in reducing the chance of developing dementia.

The TB vaccine has multiple uses and one of them is to treat tumors from bladder cancer. Bladder cancer patients who received the vaccine as part of their treatment had fewer dementia diagnoses 8 years after cancer treatment than the cancer patients who did not receive the TB vaccine during treatment.

If these results can be replicated in the general population, there could be hope for millions.

Read the full story here to understand why the TB vaccine is playing a role in this discovery.


Is anyone hosting a wedding shower this year? If so, these flower ice balls from Domestically Blissful would be so pretty to add to your food table. I want to make them just for fun!

She also made a Christmas version that used balloons for the mold instead of silicone trays.

spring flower ice balls for a wedding shower decor from domestically blissful on the happy list

(image: Domestically Blissful)


This is the only Leprechaun Trail Mix I could find that did not use Lucky Charms cereal.

This is a version I would eat! It is from Building Our Hive and includes Rolos and Skittles, which I usually give my kids on St. Patrick’s Day. It also includes shoestring potato chips as a nod to the Irish Potato Famine.

leprechaun trail mix with skittles and rolos from building our hive on the happy list

(image: Building Our Hive)

Can you tell I have St. Patrick’s Day on the brain this week?


There You Are by Victoria Adukwei Bulley

There you are
this cold day
boiling the water on the stove
pouring the herbs into the pot
hawthorn, rose;
buying the tulips
& looking at them, holding
your heart in your hands at the table
saying please, please, to nobody else
here in the kitchen with you.
How hard, how heavy this all is.
How beautiful, these things you do,
in case they help, these things you do
which, although you haven’t said it yet,
say that you want to live.

Thank you for reading today’s Happy List.

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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