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    Back-to-Back Kid Birthdays

    What’s it like for all you people out there whose kids’ birthdays are nice and evenly spaced out? Is it amazing and stress-free? It is, isn’t it? I KNEW IT!! I have to say, it was really smart of you to plan the births of your children that way. And if it wasn’t exactly planned, I don’t want to know the details take that luck and enjoy the heck out of it! My children’s birthdays are ONE. DAY. APART. Let that sink in… Whatever you are thinking about this life-long situation, yes, it’s probably like that. My inner efficiency expert would prefer one small joint birthday celebration. She’s a party…

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    Nine and Six

    For the love. For all the love. My kids fill me with so much love, joy and sometimes exasperation that I want to burst. If you’re new to these parts, then here’s a bit of trivia for you. My kids were born three years and one day apart. I am either a brilliant planner or an abysmal planner. I’d like to think my kids share a special bond because of their close birthdays. I hope they will always have fun together, fight and makeup, cheer each other on, watch each other’s back and take care of me when I’m old. Like I said, a special bond. They have been counting down since, well, they…