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    Piano Hammer Christmas Ornaments

    Piano Hammer Christmas Ornaments. Trust me. This is a thing now. Okay, okay. It is probably only a thing on my Christmas tree! Every trend starts somewhere, right? To recap, we took apart an old upright piano because we could not find anyone to take it off our hands. It took more time and effort than we want to admit. On the plus side, we have been repurposing the piano parts. For instance, I turned the piano harp into wall art. I donated the piano keys to our local middle school for an art project. We turned the back of the piano into a garage workbench. The piano hammers, in…

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    Color Blocked Wood Ornaments – Tags and Balls

    It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t feel the need to make some ornaments. Someone check my temperature if I ever decide not to be crafty at Christmas, okay? This may turn out to be the longest running fever on record. Seriously though, making ornaments the last few years is something I oddly enjoy. Is that a hobby? Guys, did I finally find a hobby? Nah… This year I wizened up an created ornaments that can be made over when I change my mind on colors or styles in the coming years. There’s something very freeing in the idea that you can change your mind later. I highly recommend this…