• diy wood stool with brass leg tips
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    DIY Wood Stool With Brass Leg Tips

    I have the best furniture hack to share with you today on how to DIY a wood stool with brass leg tips. This is going to be a semi-handmade DIY project. Those are one of my favorite type of projects because not everything needs to be created from scratch. Better yet, no power tools were used in this project. Shocking, I know! I started with a pair of unfinished 18-inch wood stools. This is my first time purchasing unfinished furniture and this is what arrived – a total blank slate.  The wood stools received two coats of black stain with poly. I just happened to have a can of black stain with poly mixed in, so…

  • Black Stained Vintage Stool Makeover
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    Black Stained Vintage Stool Makeover

    Today, for your viewing enjoyment, I’m sharing a black stained vintage stool makeover. I’m definitely throwing around the word vintage pretty loosely. I’ve read that anything older than 20 years can be considered vintage. Anything at least 50 years old is true vintage. An item has to be 100 years old to be an antique. All this tells me is 50 is the new 20. Who makes up these rules? Not this vintage person. We had a sturdy stool with a great profile sitting in our garage. It was left here by the seller. If I had a nickel for every time I said an item I’d made over in…

  • Outdoor Dining Set Makeover
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    $20 Outdoor Dining Set Makeover

    One of the things I was really glad the seller of our home left when he moved out was all the outdoor furniture. Most of it was dirty and gross and not my style, but we would definitely use the furniture until I found something better…after I cleaned it all up. Okay, fine. We sat in it before too. It was an immunity-building experience. Of the three outdoor dining sets (yes, three!) that were left here, the one I liked the most was the one that was in the worst shape. Of course. It is a classic metal outdoor dining set and you really can’t go wrong with those. This…