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Where’s Your Happy Place?

The Junk Whisperer has a “this is my happy place” sign on the outside of her potting shed.

It does beg the question. Where is your happy place?

Have you ever thought about it?
pottingshedhappyplace2I’m guessing a lot of people would say the beach or the mountains or the lake is their happy place.

I used to think my happy place was standing outside the car for that 5 seconds of quiet after you buckle your screaming toddler in the car and shut their door. Of course, that 5 seconds and a few deep breaths does go by so quickly before you have to open your car door and get on with the joy of parenting. 🙂

See, there’s no right or wrong answer!

I think your happy place should be where you can go to recharge. Where you feel safe, loved and confident. Where you can let out that big, metaphorical breath you were holding and finally relax.

Lately, my happy place is at home. That’s why this blog is called A Pretty Happy Home. There’s no comma to emphasize it’s pretty AND it’s happy. It’s just pretty happy.


While I do like things to be pretty, the real focus is on being pretty darn happy. We’re not “high on the laughing gas” artificial happy. This is real life, after all. For the most part, however, we try to look on the positive side, keep everything in perspective and enjoy the small things.

This past weekend (other than my solo trip to the grocery store) we did not leave our house for 2 days straight. It was glorious and so comforting to be content with where we were. Yard work, games, cleaning, reading, cooking, playing. Well, not so much the actual yard work, but the result was pretty amazing.

It got me to thinking that my happy place is less about a physical location and more about who I’m with. My husband. My kids.

It’s probably why moving around the country doesn’t phase us too much. Moving is an adventure, but our togetherness is what keeps us centered and happy. Oh, and in case you are wondering, we have no moving plans – at the moment. Ha!

So, do you have a happy place? How often do you get there? I hope it’s regular enough to feed your soul.

P.S. I found a cool “this is my happy place” sign on Amazon. *affiliate link*

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  • Jeannie

    Great post, I love being home too. I must say my happy place is on the couch with a cup of coffee in the early morning before anyone else is awake…. liken to that 5 seconds of quiet…Love the feeling of a whole new day about to approach.

    • annisa

      Yes! Have to get up before everyone else – even if I’d rather be sleeping. I need to strengthen my resolve aka caffeine-up before I can face the world!

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