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Dear Teachers and Things That Make Me Happy: Part 3

This is one of those random posts with a little bit of this happy and a little bit of that happy.

1. Dear Teachers: You’re Not Fooling Me blog post

Candice of Alamo City Moms Blog wrote a fantastic, worth-your-time post on really “seeing” your child’s teacher. Seeing the effort they put into their classroom, their lesson plans, educating your child. As she puts it, “we’re in this together” and it is so true.

MEME-Teaching-is-funPhoto source

2. Sarcasm Is Good For You, So Says Harvard Study


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I knew it!

In a nutshell, this study says when there is a baseline of trust between two people, decoding sarcastic remarks promotes creativity.

So, to all the people I know and love, you’re welcome.

3. Strange Empire on Netflix
strange-empire.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxImage: CBC/The Canadian Press

I just started watching Strange Empire on Netflix. It is set in the 1860s on the Canadian border and details the lives of 3 strong women who band together after their husbands are brutally murdered. I’m not sure what this is rated, but it isn’t a kid show. It’s a darker show, but the characters are fascinating and it makes you wonder about women who had to fight stereotypes over 150 years ago. Things such as: they couldn’t possibly be as smart as a man. Thank goodness for all of the pioneers out there (women and men) who have fought for equality for everyone.

Unfortunately, it has not been picked up for a second season, although there seems to be a lot of viewer sentiment in it’s favor.

4. Books on a T-shirt by Litographs

gatsby-tee-14_4ce8a054-6932-4937-879a-e09b87e1eb96_1024x1024Image: Litographs

This is one of those “wish I would have thought of it” ideas. Litographs prints the text of a book on a t-shirt. Cool idea, right? Tons of famous novels to choose from. They are a little spendy, but definitely unique.

They need a kids’ version though. I hope they read this. Oh, and also a throw pillow version. Seriously, guys, call me. I can keep the ideas going all day.

5. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Hair Product

So, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my daughter’s hair. It’s sort of curly. Just a little. Now, imagine getting the tangles out of that hair every. single. morning. for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Clearly, that’s why pony tails were invented. And scissors.

It’s a 10 is so helpful to me. To us. To our mother-daughter relationship. It saves all the tears for the important things in life, like when my favorite TV show is cancelled.

It helps detangle my daughter’s hair without leaving it greasy. I’m a product skeptic and this one actually does work. I use it after washing her hair at night. Our technique? I leave the conditioner in her hair, then I spray the wet hair with the It’s a 10 and then work through the tangles with a large comb.

I also will use it in the morning after spritzing her hair with water. It definitely helps get things back to their gloriously normal curly state. I’m not going to say it makes the combing process as smooth as butter, but it’s the closest thing I’ve found.


The folks I’ve mentioned in this post have no clue who I am. I just like their stuff. It makes all or part of my day happy. Therefore, I share. Have a fantastic weekend!

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