millers art via etsy wood pumpkin lanterns fun fall finds

Fun Fall Finds That Will Last Through Thanksgiving

I went online shopping for a friend’s birthday and ended up seeing a bunch of Fun Fall Finds that I liked for me instead. Gosh, I’m easily distracted.

And now I’m about to distract you!

You’re welcome.

Here are the Fun Fall Finds that inspired me this month and really got my creative wheels turning for this fall season.

Fun Fall Finds: Neutral Wreath

I’m a sucker for things made out of wheat stalks. I wonder how hard it was to make this wreath? It’s gorgeous with all the varied textures.

The other thing that would look pretty in a wreath like this is feathers!

neutral fall wreath hearts desire floral via etsy fun fall finds

(image: Hearts Desire Floral via Etsy)

Fun Fall Finds: Lanterns

These are the happiest wood lanterns! I’d put a battery-operated candle inside of them.

The best thing about them is they won’t rot and turn into a puddle of pumpkin goo on your front porch. Ha! Not that that has ever happened to me…nope, never.

millers art via etsy wood pumpkin lanterns fun fall finds

(image: Millers Art via Etsy)

P.S. This Etsy shop also makes a Christmas version of these lanterns that I might like even better!

Fun Fall Finds: Leaf Hat

If you have the hair for a ball cap, I’m jealous! This is a cute fall hat.

distinct headwear fall leaf hat via etsy fun fall finds

(image: Distinct Headwear via Etsy)

Fun Fall Finds: Leaf Necklace

This resin necklace shaped like a leaf has real flowers pressed inside of it.

How delight-fall is that?

resin leaf necklace Ann and Joy via Etsy fun fall finds

(image: Ann and Joy via Etsy)

P.S. I feel compelled to tell you that I crack myself up with my word play sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. Can you tell I spend way too much time working by myself? Ha!

Fun Fall Finds: Blue and Orange Wreath

This pretty fall wreath is further evidence that blue and orange always look great together.

Orange gets a bad rap as a color, but in the right shades and paired with interesting items it can look classy and sophisticated.

blue and orange fall wreath Cre8 Cherished Moments via Etsy fun fall finds

(image: Cre8 Cherished Moments via Etsy)

Fun Fall Finds: Onesie

This onesie has a wonderful play on words if you put it on a baby who has those cute leg rolls. Did your kids have those?

I miss the chubby little legs my kids had when they were babies. That was the best.

Pint Sized US homemade rolls onesie via Etsy fun fall finds

(image: Pint Sized US via Etsy)

Fun Fall Finds: Orange Sweatshirt

Tis the season to wear orange! I like this bold sweatshirt color with the understated pumpkin stitching.

This is definitely a sweatshirt you could wear all the way through November.

orange pumpkin sweatshirt good scout supply via etsy fun fall finds

(image: Good Scout Supply via Etsy)

Fun Fall Finds: Pumpkin Sweatshirt

If you like your apparel a little less subtle, graphically-speaking, this pumpkin sweatshirt is so fun!

It comes in different colors and the green version was very pretty too. I’d probably wear it on Halloween and say it was my costume. Ha!

emma and anna apparel via etsy pumpkin sweatshirt fun fall finds

(image: Emma and Anna Apparel via Etsy)

As a side note, I noticed a lot of shops style their sweatshirts in their flat lay photos with the sleeves rolled up. I wonder if I should be rolling up my sleeves when I wear sweatshirts? Is that what the cool kids are doing?

Fun Fall Finds: Pumpkin Embroidery

This pumpkin embroidery kit is so sweet! I know exactly where I’d hang something like this.

Please note it is a kit…you have to do the stitching yourself.

wildflower fox crafts pumpkin embroidery kit via etsy fun fall finds

(image: Wildflower Fox Crafts via Etsy)

Also, can you buy embroidery hoops already stained dark like that, or do you think they stained it themselves? Either way, I like it.

While I’m going to miss summer, I do enjoy the fall in New Jersey, especially September and October.

November? I feel bad for November. It seems like the third wheel of the fall season.

What do you think of these Fun Fall Finds? Did they spark your creativity? Do you decorate your home for fall and its various holidays? You can always comment on this blog post (I have to approve it first before it appears), email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Fall!

Thanks for being here today! I appreciate sharing ideas and jokes with you! Here are some other blog posts you might enjoy.

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