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Happy List: #277

Hi! Welcome to the Happy List.

It’s November! Can you believe it?

This week on the blog I shared a Halloween update. I also wrote about the fall wreath I created using a concrete form tube. I like that wreath a lot.

As always, thank you for continuing to show up here week after week supporting this little spot on the internet. Your engagement here and on Instagram or Facebook is important to us. Your support truly helps our family, helps restore this old house we live in, and keeps this blog running.

Here’s the Happy List!


This is a fun idea for fall and winter from Lora Bloomquist to repurpose old blankets or fabric scraps into wreaths.

I keep noticing old blankets at the thrift store for a buck or two that aren’t in a condition I’d use for a blanket, but I would use the fabric for something like this!

Lora Bloomquist fabric wreath from blankets on the happy list

(image: Lora Bloomquist)

P.S. I initially saw this idea on Funky Junk Interior’s weekly Upcycled Ideas blog series.


Continuing on with the wreath theme…

If you want to wow at the holidays, this Charcuterie Wreath from Wonky Wonderful would do the trick! It also looks delicious.

charcuterie wreath from wonky wonderful on the happy list

(image: Wonky Wonderful)


If you have pinecones in your yard, you should make scented pinecones!

Melissa from The Inspired Room has an easy “recipe” on her blog.

The Inspired Room diy scented pinecones recipe on the happy list

(image: The Inspired Room)


When the Carmel Clay Public Library in Indiana needed to relocate during a renovation, they made excellent use of a vacant grocery store!

How resourceful are librarians?

The full story and more pictures can be found at I Love Libraries.

Carmel Clay Public Library in a vacant grocery store photo by christy walker on the happy list

(image: Christy Walker via I Love Libraries)


This pop of blue in this home in Slovakia made me smile. It was a complete surprise!

You’ll have to go see how they incorporated the same color in other ways in this otherwise neutral home. It’s so well done.

Benko Benkova house with blue beam via desire to inspire on the happy list

(image: Benko Benkova via Desire to Inspire)


I made this chickpea salad sandwich from Peas and Crayons last week and it was a hit with 3 out of the 4 of us. The fourth did not even try it, so don’t read too much into that. Ha!

If you like chicken salad sandwiches, you’ll enjoy this recipe.

It was SO good, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I served it on ciabatta rolls. It would be delicious just scooped onto crackers too.

chickpea salad sandwich from peas and crayons on the happy list

(image: Peas and Crayons)


A new tunnel for visitors has opened on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The tunnel is part of a decommissioned power station. I wish this was open when we visited a few years ago!

If you want to read about our experience visiting Niagara Falls in the winter, read this blog post. I loved seeing the area all lit up for Christmas!

To learn more about the new tunnel, read this CNN article.

niagara falls tunnel via CNN on the happy list

(image: via CNN)


The other day I shared a picture on social media of the unsung hero of our DIY projects, Carl.

Carl is a pencil sharpener and he’s been in our lives for years now. He looks good. He’s sharpened thousands of pencils. He never breaks. We can always count on Carl.

People I’ve never interacted with on social media were suddenly coming out of the woodwork to tell me that they have a Carl and he is “the best pencil sharpener.” It’s weird that we all have strong opinions about this, but here we are.

If you need a Carl in your life, here’s the link.

carl the pencil sharpener via amazon on the happy list

(image: Amazon)

P.S. He comes in different colors.


I’ve made homemade syrup before when we’ve been out of maple syrup. The recipes are usually some variation of brown sugar, water, and vanilla. It tastes delicious!

I can see how this version – Pumpkin Spice Syrup – from Alice and Lois would be tasty!

pumpkin spice syrup from alice and lois on the happy list

(image: Alice and Lois)


Usually, I share a quote or poem in this section each week. However, I’ve been ruminating on something that I want to share before the midterm elections in the U.S. on November 8.

People tend to think of voting as a selfish act. In other words, voting for what matters to me. Voting for who most closely represents my interests.

It is that.

I also think voting is one of the most generous acts we can do as citizens in a democracy for our fellow citizens. Democracy works best when everyone participates. It’s our collective votes that build schools and bridges. It’s our collective votes that expand or protect rights. It’s our collective votes that protect our planet and our futures.

You may not have extra time to volunteer. You may not have extra money to donate. But if you are eligible you can vote and that might be the most important way you give back to your community, your state, and your country.

Please vote on November 8th.

Thank you for reading today’s Happy List.

Be good to yourself and others this weekend. 

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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