• black built in pantry cabinet pantry organization tips for glass front cabinets
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    Pantry Organization That Works (For Us)

    Everyone has their pantry organization hacks, tips, and tricks. Will they work for you? Who knows. All I know is the pantry organization that works for us. Shall we throw open the doors on this pantry cabinet and see what horrors, I mean, organizational gems await us? Here are my pantry organization tips. Use any of these ideas that you can. Discard the rest! Tip #1: Get yourself some glass-front pantry cabinet doors.  I know you’re thinking, “That’s a terrible idea!” Oh, it definitely is. No question. But this is the tough love approach to pantry organization and nothing will motivate you faster than the thought of everyone seeing not…

  • use a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter

    Use a Cake Stand to Corral Bathroom Counter Clutter

    Cake stands aren’t just for cake! Did you know you can use a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter? Many folks corral bathroom counter clutter using a basket or a tray, but a cake stand literally elevates this organizational issue. There are two reasons why I use a cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter. First, cake stands are pretty! Simple as that. Second, using an elevated cake stand to corral bathroom counter clutter means you get additional storage space without sacrificing counter space. If you’ve ever had a small bathroom then you know the struggle of trying to get ready in the morning, but not having enough counter…

  • back porch shelves for drink storage

    We’ve Added A Lot of Closet Shelves and So Should You

    We’ve added a lot of closet shelves to our Colonial Farmhouse in the last two and a half years. In fact, we’ve added a significant number of shelves everywhere in this old house. It has been AMAZING. Zero regrets. Does anyone ever regret adding a shelf? Now here is a fair warning. Today’s post is going to contain many shelfies. If you don’t like closet shelves or pictures of shelves or thinking about shelves, this is not the post for you. Oh, and these aren’t Pinterest-worthy shelfies either. These are closet shelves and regular shelves that make my life function better. Or give me the illusion that my life functions better.…

  • diy charging bench for electronic devices
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    DIY Charging Bench for Electronic Devices

    If charging all the electronic devices in your home has become a chaotic nightmare of jumbled cords, let me introduce you to my DIY charging bench for electronic devices. It’s a way to hide all of your charging cables and devices in plain sight. It’s my answer to the kitchen charging drawer because I’ve always wanted one of those, but we’ve never had a spare kitchen drawer with outlets in the back. I won’t promise this charging bench will eliminate all the cord chaos, but it can help you hide it. That’s half the battle! A charging bench can be made from any bench that has a hidden storage compartment. The…

  • problem with charging stations

    The Problem With Device Charging Stations

    The problem with device charging stations is that I have to look at them in all of their chaotic glory. Then I have to hear about them if one of the kids “accidentally” unplugs someone else’s device to charge their own. *sigh* It’s not the charging stations that are the problem. I think it is how we end up using the charging stations. Either we are animals or we just don’t have a good system set up for corralling devices and cords. Hmm. It might be a little of one and a lot of the other, actually. I’m on a quest to figure out a better way to charge our…

  • sock drawer organizer organization tricks
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    Organization Tricks That Work For Me

    I have a few organization tricks that work for me and they might work for you too! The best organization tricks are the ones that work for you and your lifestyle. Full stop. You could buy $1,000 work of pretty bins from The Container Store and still have a pantry or closet that is a hot mess because you don’t actually use the pretty bins. You could buy a label maker and go crazy labeling everything in existence, but if no one in your family reads the labels, what was the point? Besides the fact that label makers are kind of fun to use!  Remember that organize is a verb. That means it requires…

  • Practical Uses for Soda Crates sunscreen caddy
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    5 Practical Uses for Soda Crates

    I’m a big fan of using what you have on hand to decorate and organize your home. I happen to own some vintage soda crates, so today I’m sharing 5 practical uses for soda crates. None of these practical uses involve soda. Or pop. Or soda pop. Or Coke. Or whatever that bubbly goodness is called where you live. Such a shame. Practical Uses for Soda Crates #1: Sunscreen Caddy  With a pool in our backyard, we need a sunscreen caddy to control the various bottles of sunscreen and bug spray that summer requires. I keep the sunscreen right by the pool towels, so everything we need for an afternoon…

  • kitchen cabinet and drawer organization
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    5 Kitchen Organization Strategies I Use Wherever We Move

    Let’s just all admit that we are curious about how other people live. Even if it is highly curated or grossly exaggerated, that’s why reality TV, HGTV, social media and magazines stay in business. I once had a job that required me to really consider how other people might live in order to help design homes that would function well for them. I even became certified as a focus group moderator so that I could conduct some of this primary research myself. People opened up and shared all sorts of interesting things during these focus groups and a hot topic was always kitchen design. Just because a kitchen looks pretty…

  • Use for old hubcaps magnetic Bulletin Board
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    Use for Old Hubcaps: Magnetic Bulletin Board

    Today’s post is not a DIY. It’s more of a PSA. Did you know that old hubcaps (the many decades old ones) were made of stainless steel? It’s corrosion resistant, which made for a great wheel cover – until plastic hubcaps came around in the 1970s. If you find a hubcap that is made of stainless steel then there’s a good chance it is magnetic. If a magnet will stick to the hubcap then voila! You now have a creative use for old hubcaps as a magnetic bulletin board. Are you as excited as I am right now for this discovery? I thought so. There might not be space to…