• gold and copper christmas tree

    Gold and Copper Christmas Tree

    Every year I like to decorate my Christmas tree a little differently and my 2020 tree ended up being a Gold and Copper Christmas Tree. That wasn’t my intent when I lugged the Christmas boxes down from the attic, but that’s where the creative journey took me.  The only goal I had for this tree, besides making it something I want to look at for a month, was to not buy anything new for this tree. Reusing, repurposing, and making over whatever I had on hand was fair game though. Handy Husband kept saying, “Why don’t you go buy blah, blah, blah.” To which I replied, “That would ruin my fun! Maybe next year I’ll…

  • copper christmas tree

    DIY Copper Christmas Tree From a Safety Cone

    Tis the season to get crafty and today I have the most festive Copper Christmas Tree to show you. I had so much fun making this Copper Christmas Tree that I actually made not one, not two, but three of them! The crazy thing is these trees wouldn’t have even happened if I hadn’t procrastinated a little. I’m not encouraging procrastination. I’m just saying sometimes procrastination closes the easy creative doors and forces you to become extra resourceful. I’m making procrastination sound not so bad, aren’t I? The idea was in the back of my mind to use some copper flashing to make a Christmas tree this year. I wouldn’t have bought copper…

  • christmas tree 2017

    8 Easy DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

    I’m normally a one holiday at a time type of gal, but this is not a normal year! I’ve been thinking about how I want to decorate this year’s Christmas tree since before Halloween! It’s true. I haven’t fully decided on a plan, but it’s fun to think about. If you’re like me and are taking a little extra comfort in the holidays this year, here are eight easy DIY Christmas decor ideas you could use to make your home extra festive this year.Easy DIY Christmas Decor Idea: Leather Christmas Tree Leather and Christmas? Yes. Don’t write this idea off just because leather isn’t your thing. You could use any fabric for this…

  • piano wire christmas ornaments and Piano Hammer Christmas Ornaments

    Piano Hammer Christmas Ornaments

    Piano Hammer Christmas Ornaments. Trust me. This is a thing now. Okay, okay. It is probably only a thing on my Christmas tree! Every trend starts somewhere, right? To recap, we took apart an old upright piano because we could not find anyone to take it off our hands. It took more time and effort than we want to admit. On the plus side, we have been repurposing the piano parts. For instance, I turned the piano harp into wall art. I donated the piano keys to our local middle school for an art project. We turned the back of the piano into a garage workbench. The piano hammers, in…

  • piano pedal tree topper

    Piano Pedal Tree Topper

    When I set out to decorate a music-themed Christmas tree this year, I didn’t plan on creating a piano pedal tree topper. It just sort of happened on a whim. Was it a good whim? It’s hard to tell, but you know me, I’m running with it! If you’re new here, we took apart an old upright piano that was left in our Colonial Farmhouse when we purchased it. We’ve been repurposing the piano parts for other projects (like this piano harp art). That’s how today’s piano pedal tree topper came to be. Piano pedals are made of metal and these have a lovely patina from decades of use. They…

  • antique car horn wreath
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    Antique Car Horn Wreath

    When you woke up this morning did you think you’d be reading a blog post about an antique car horn wreath? If you did, I’m slipping a little. I’ll have to try harder to keep you on your toes. Like almost all of my DIY projects, this antique car horn wreath is super simple to make. But where did this idea even come from? Well, it all started with a little thing called curiosity and you know that either gets me in trouble or I end up making something out of junk. One of the keywords I use to search Facebook Marketplace is brass. I’m on the hunt for a…

  • Family

    Merry Christmas 2018

    So this is Christmas. And what have we done? Well, we took one family picture this year. So, that’s something. Ha! Seriously though, this year has been a full one and I can’t believe it’s already coming to a close! From our family to yours, we wish you all the best  – not just today – but in all the days to come. I also want to say thank you. Thank you for following along on this journey and being a part of my world. Thank you for sharing part of yourself with me. I’ll be taking off the rest of the year to spend time with my family and…

  • holidays

    Christmas Touches in the Kitchen and Living Room

    For the first time in my life I have discovered the worst best feeling to have. Yes, I typed that sentence how I meant it. I am done shopping for Christmas. I’ve been done since December 12. I even wrapped all of the presents. WHO AM I?!?! I should feel amazing. I should be humble bragging right now. Maybe just flat out bragging, but I’m a mature adult, so I won’t do that. I’ll blog about it instead. Instead of relishing in the self-satisfaction that all of this forward-thinking and advanced prep work created, I. AM. FREAKING. OUT. Not on the outside, of course, because I don’t do that. On the…

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    Chalkboard Globe Advent Calendar

    If I’m being really honest, some of my creative ideas are the result of sheer panic or parental guilt. Case in point. My kids have been asking since Halloween if I had purchased chocolate advent calendars. It’s one of their favorite holiday traditions. “There’s plenty of time,” I said. No. No, there’s not plenty of time. In my defense, my grocery store does not sell advent calendars, so I haven’t been able to make an impulse buy that would avoid all this parental guilt regarding the holiday tradition I started. Last week I decided I needed to get serious about finding chocolate advent calendars because tick-tock goes the clock entire…